Dear Friends,

Over the last month my opponent Travis Hutson, hiding behind a third party, has spent over 350,000 on TV ads and mailers full of outrageous false claims accusing me of working with Obama and Crist to raise taxes. This is a flat out lie!  I am deeply disappointed that Travis Hutson has chosen a path of distortion and dishonest attack ads rather than stating his qualifications and positions on issues that matter to the citizens of Senate District 6.

While he falsely attempts to paint me as a Charlie Crist republican, it’s ironic that he doesn’t mention his very personal connection to Crist. Travis Hutson personally gave the maximum campaign donation of $7200 to the Charlie Crist campaign in 2010 when Charlie Crist was running for the US Senate seat against Marco Rubio. It was during that same year that I voted to override eight of Crist’s vetoes as a state legislator. It is also worth noting that the Hutson family business also contributed more than $5,000 to Democrat Alex Sink, for Governor in 2010.

During my term in office I have fought for the same principles held by our founding fathers including smaller government, lower taxes and greater protections for our individual freedoms. I was honored to be awarded the “Defender of Freedom Award” by the American Conservative Union and the “Champion of Economic Freedom Award” by the Americans for Prosperity. My pro-business voting record has been recognized in each of the last 6 years by the Florida Chamber of Commerce.  I am strongly pro-life and the only candidate in this race with an A+ rating from the NRA.
In this race you have a choice. I am running an issues oriented campaign and will continue to talk about my values, my conservative voting history and my experiences as a physician, combat veteran and legislator.

I would be honored to have your vote on January 27th.


Ronald “Doc” Renuart




Political advertisement paid for and approved by Ronald “Doc” Renuart, Republican, for State Senate District 6.